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Just another day at my shop. 👍🏻💈_#bru
Joe Bruno

Chapter 1 (2014) - The start of Bruno's Chop Shop - Beverly Hills, CA

Chapter 2 (2021) - The journey continues - East Coast

Chapter 3 (2023) - Brand New Shop in Provincetown, MA

I am now located in Provincetown, MA, doing what I love, cutting hair and being creative in this one of a kind environment.

My brand new shop at 148a Commercial Street is unlike any you have seen in town. Stop by and take a look, get your hair cut, or just say hello.

This shop is a collective of amazing barbers and stylists. Inspiring one another everyday.

I have always enjoyed working with people to make them feel their best.
The friendship that occurs between barber and client is amazing,

hopefully enriching each other's lives.


With over 20 years of hair experience, combined with my creativity, attention
to detail, love of music and affinity for animals, Bruno’s Chop Shop is the
culmination of my life's work thus far.


My experience cutting hair, combined with shaving and facial hair grooming,
has permitted me to create a calm, 
cool environment to pamper you.

Come in for a great cut, a quick trim or kick back and take some

personal time to enjoy the music at Bruno’s Chop Shop.

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